Regulation of Youth Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

1. General regulations

Youth Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (further the
Foundation) is a legal entity which is a non-profit organization ensuring stimulation of activities in the sphere of science, education, culture and other social fields concerning to the youth policy.
The Foundation functions prior to the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, laws of the
Republic of Azerbaijan, decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decisions and decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, international agreements that the Republic of Azerbaijan adheres and this Regulation.
The Foundation functions in cooperation with government and local self-government bodies,
mass media, non-governmental organizations and international organizations.
The Foundation has an independent balance, a state property, treasury and bank accounts, a
seal on which the image of the State emblem of the Republic of Azerbaijan and its own name are engraved, relevant stamps and blanks.
Maintenance costs and activities of the Foundation are financed at the expense of means of
the state budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan, extra-budgetary funds, credits and grants, donations and other legal funds.
1.6. The Foundation is located in Baku.

2. Aims and objectives of the Foundation

2.1. The main objective of the Foundation is to finance in a grant form the public and social projects in the sphere of science, education, culture and other areas, approved by the youth policy, and also the projects and programs realized on an international level; to support conferences, seminars, festivals, Olympiads and other events implemented in these spheres; to assist in strengthening of financial and technical base of the organizations and their adaptation to modern requirements. Foundation supports innovative ideas of youth, youth organizations, public and private structures, increases the initiatives and participation of young generation in the development of state and society, stimulates the creation of ideas and improves the management skills of youth.
2.2. The main objectives of the Foundation are:
2.2.1. to organize realization of projects and programs (further project) important for the government and the society in the sphere of youth, in accordance with its objectives;
2.2.2. to ensure the efficient use of Foundation’s means;
2.2.3. to organize expertise of programs and projects to be financed at the expense of the Foundation’s means;
2.2.4. to give preference to the projects having place in the state programs in the sphere of youth policy;
2.2.5. to participate in implementation and preparation of regional and international programs securing youth development;
2.2.6. to provide the awarding of talented and active youth;
2.2.7. to support projects of creative youth in the field of theatre, film, architecture, design and modern art;
2.2.8. to promote personnel training, to create database of talented youth and young scientists;
2.2.9. to support civil society and social initiative of youth organizations through material and technical development;
2.2.10. to support promotion of youth in the field of internet media;
2.2.11. to strengthen citizenship and patriotism education of young generation through animation and feature films;
2.2.12. to realize various events, as well as training and applied projects among youth in order to increase their environmental awareness;
2.2.13. to participate in strengthening of country’s position at the international level through expanding international cooperation;
2.2.14. to support research works of young foreign citizens on Azerbaijani history and culture;
2.2.15. to support projects directing to the presentation and popularization of Azerbaijan;
2.2.16. to study the conditions of youth, to work on collection of relevant statistic data;
2.2.17. to assist in realization of programs and projects on collection and dissemination of legal, economic and other data necessary for education, health, professional field, employment, development of youth, organization of their free time;
2.2.18. to assist in strengthening of material and technical base of the infrastructure realizing youth policy;
2.2.19. to define directions in which the Foundation’s means will be spent;
2.2.20. to define rules of conducting competitions for financing projects;
2.2.21. to organize competitions in order to implement projects, and concerning this: to make announcements; to define amount of funds according to projects; to define application forms, terms of projects and lists of necessary documents; to evaluate projects; to conduct interviews with individuals whose projects are considered acceptable;. to define winner projects and make an appropriate decision; to sign a contract on the terms of using funds with the winner of the competition; to announce the end of the competition; to disclose the results of the competition;
2.2.22. to finance projects under the law and this Regulation;
2.2.23. to supervise effective use of means allocated by the Foundation; in a case of not using the means effectively, to break off the financing and get back already provided means in accordance with legislation;
2.2.24. to ensure awareness of population about Foundation’s activity, set out of a website, posting of social information on this website and constant update of the information;
2.2.25. to implement other duties in accordance with law

3. The rights of the Foundation

3.0. In order to implement its objectives the Foundation has the following rights:
3.0.1. to establish cooperative relations with government bodies, non-governmental organizations and other structures dealing with relevant functions in foreign countries, to conduct an information exchange;
3.0.2. to set business relations with individuals and legal entities in the Republic of Azerbaijan and overseas according to the law and its purposes;
3.0.3. to solve the issues of financing projects in accordance with its purposes;
3.0.4. to present the necessary data (documents) to government and local self-government bodies, individuals and legal entities and to get such data (documents) from them at the aim of fulfilling its objectives;
3.0.5. to become a member of regional and international organizations in accordance with the law;
3.0.6. to promote the Foundation’s activity and important results of grant projects within the country and abroad;
3.0.7. to involve external specialists (experts) for examining programs and projects which will be financed at the expense of the Foundation’s means;
3.0.8. to conduct monitoring in order to control the use of grants (funds) provided at the expense of the Foundation’s budget for the purposes considered in the project; in the case of not using the grants for its purposes, to take activities for receiving back the provided means under legislation;
3.0.9. to issue special bulletins and other publications under the rules defined in the law;
3.0.10. to take activities on involving financial resources to the Foundation;
3.0.11. to realize other rights considered in the law.

4. The formation and use of the Foundation’s budget

4.1. The Foundation’s budget is formed at the expense of the following sources:
4.1.1. allocations from the state budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
4.1.2. voluntary contributions from the local and foreign individuals and legal entities in accordance with the law;
4.1.3. grants and other allocations from foreign countries and international organizations in accordance with the law;
4.1.4. other sources not prohibited under the law.
4.2. The Foundation use the means according to the activities defined under this Regulation.
4.3. The means remaining at the account of the Foundation at the end of the financial year is directed for financing of expenses of the next year.
4.4. Data on use of the Foundation’s means is to be published in mass media at the end of each financial year.

5. Management of the Foundation

5.1. The executive director of the Foundation is appointed and dismissed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
5.2. The number of staff is determined by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Foundation’s estimate of costs, monthly salaries of the executive director and staff is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
5.3. The Supervisory Council of the Foundation (further Council) realizes general control over the activities of the Foundation.
5.4. The Council is formed in a structure consisted of nine members, representing five relevant government bodies and four non–governmental organizations.
5.5. Members of the Council are appointed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
5.6. The five members of the Council are represented by the following central executive power bodies (one person from each central executive power body):
5.6.1. The Office of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
5.6.2. The Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
5.6.3. The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
5.6.4. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
5.6.5. Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
5.7. Four members of the Council representing youth organizations are chosen among the first eight candidates to receive the largest number of votes at the assembly meetings of such organizations.
5.8. Term of office of the Council’s members is four years. One cannot become a Council member consistently more than twice.
5.9. Council members cannot be represented in other bodies of the Foundation.
5.10. Council members work on voluntary basis.
5.11. The chairman, deputy chairman and secretary of the Council are appointed from the Council members by the Council members at the first meeting of the Council.
5.12. The Council:
5.12.1. realizes a general supervision over the compliance of the Foundation’s activities, formation and use of the means according to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
5.12.2. prepares the strategy of attraction of additional means to the Foundation and supervise its realization;
5.12.3. presents its proposals on the fields considered more expedient for focusing the state support on youth policy to the executive director of the Foundation;
5.12.4. discusses and recommends the directions of the budget use, the project of costs estimate and its evaluation, according to the presentation of the executive director of the Foundation;
5.12.5. approves the rule of reviewing projects presented to the competition and methods of their evaluation;
5.12.6. makes decisions on the results of the competition;
5.12.7. approves the model projects of agreements signed between the Foundation and executive organizations on terms of using the project budget;
5.12.8. determines requirements on drawing up the projects;
5.12.9. approves the rule of conducting monitoring aimed at supervising effective use of the funds allocated by the Foundation for implementation of projects;
5.12.10. prepares normative legal acts drafts related to the Foundation’s activity and presents them to the relevant structures;
5.12.11. organizes auditor controls of the Foundation’s activity;
5.12.12. reviews annual report of the executive director of the Foundation on the Foundation’s activity and gives a reference;
5.12.13. makes proposals on improvement of the Foundation’s activity to the President;
5.12.14. discusses other issues related to the current activity of the Foundation.
5.13. The Council holds its meetings not less than once in a quarter. Extra meetings of the Council can be held with the initiative of more than half of the Council members and the executive director of the Foundation.
5.14. Council meetings are considered competent when two in third of its members participate. Council decisions are made through open voting and the majority of votes of the Council members attending the meeting. When the votes are equal, the vote of the Council chairman is considered deciding;
5.15. Council meetings are recorded in a relevant way, protocol and appendixes to protocol are signed by the chairman and the secretary;
5.16. decisions made at the Council meetings are sent to relevant bodies, one copy is kept in the Foundation.
5.17. Council members have the following rights:
5.17.1. to participate in a settlement of issues concerning the Council’s authority;
5.17.2. to study the agenda of the Council meeting and materials considered to be reviewed in advance;
5.17.3. to express opinions on issues reviewed at the Council;
5.17.4. to make proposals on review of issues concerning the Council’s authority at the Council meetings;
5.17.5. to study Council decisions, protocols of its meetings and other documents.
5.18. Council members should:
5.18.1. approach issues reviewed at the Council meetings impartially;
5.18.2. not to miss Council meetings for invalid reasons;
5.18.3. not to give a way for actions and speeches detrimental for the name of the Council member;
5.18.4. not to present an opinion before public about the essence of the issue reviewed at the Council until a decision on this issue made.
5.19. Chairman of the Council:
5.19.1. organizes work of the Council;
5.19.2. defines the agenda of Council meetings, convenes meetings and chairs at the meetings;
5.19.3. realizes other activities related with organization of the Council’s activity;
5.20. Deputy Chairman of the Council fulfills the duties that the chairman of the Council charges to him, when chairman of the Council is not valid to fulfill his (her) duties, the deputy takes authority.
5.21. Each member of the Council has to inform the Council when there are cases damaging his personal interests, as well as causing his ill-will on issues reviewed at the Council meeting and to have the decision-making processes off. In such cases a Council member can be given a grounded objection in either written or oral form.
5.22. competence of a Council member can be terminated before expiry under the following conditions:
5.22.1. giving a written application on leaving the Council membership under his (her) desire;
5.22.2. failing to satisfy the requirements considered for a Council member in this Regulation;
5.22.3. being invalid to fulfill his duties for more than six months;
5.22.4. having not attend Council meetings for inadequate reasons continually 4 times;
5.22.5. inability or limited ability to work defined by court;
5.22.6. his case is dropped without basis covering voucher, as well as there is a verdict of guilty in legal force or a court decision on application of compulsory measures of medical character;
5.22.7. giving the way for actions disgracing the name of Council member.
5.23. a new member for the place of the Council member whose competence is terminated before expiry is appointed for the remainder of the term of his office under the rules considered in this Regulation.

6. Organization of the Council’s activity

6.1. The Council’s activity is headed by the executive director of the Foundation.
6.2. The executive director of the Foundation:
6.2.1. heads current activities of the Foundation and represents it;
6.2.2. approves structure and annual activity plan of the Foundation with the agreement of the Council:
6.2.3. manages the property of the Foundation, including its financial means;
6.2.4. signes contracts, gives orders, decrees and instructions, supervise their fulfillment on behalf of the Foundation, by observing the regulations of the law;
6.2.5. appoints and discharges employees, sets encouraging and disciplinary activities about them within his powers;
6.2.6. approves internal disciplinary rules of the Foundation;
6.2.7. prepares costs estimate draft of the Foundation, proposals on key directions of use of its means and presents it to the Council for review;
6.2.8. controls state of implementation of projects and other activities financed by the Foundation;
6.2.9. prepares annual report on Foundation’s activity and state of use of its means, presents it to the President together with corresponding reference of the Council;
6.2.10. ensures creating of the necessary conditions for conducting audit;
6.2.11. in necessary cases invites representatives of relevant government bodies, international and public organizations and mass media to the Council meetings;
6.2.12. organizes clerical work of the Foundation;
6.2.13. takes relevant activities connecting with fulfillment of decisions on the Foundation’s activity within his competences;
6.2.14. provides the public with information about the annual activities of the Foundation;
6.2.15. fulfills the duties not included in the Council’s competence according to the Foundation’s objectives;
6.2.16. fulfills other competences in accordance with the law and this Regulation.

7. Accounting and report

The Foundation conducts accounting, presents financial and statistical reports to the relevant bodies in accordance with the law.

8. Reorganization and elimination of the Foundation

8.1. Reorganization and elimination of the Foundation is fulfilled by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
8.2. When the Foundation is eliminated the issues related with distribution of its property are solved according to the rules defined in the Civil Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.