Opportunities for Youth Organizations

Grant competitions

The competition is open for the youth organizations both officially accredited by the Republic of Azerbaijan and registered on the Foundation's official website. There are two categories of projects accepted for competition -Local Projects (projects implemented within the territory of state) and International Projects (a project held in Azerbaijan involving at least two international youth organizations and participants from at least five countries; or projects organized abroad with participation of Azerbaijani youth). The duration of the projects submitted for the competition shall be no less than 3 months and no more than 12 months. The amount of grant allocated for local and international projects is 10.000 AZN and 15.000 AZN respectively.

Project funding (out-of-competition basis)

During the period when the competition is not held, youth organizations may apply for the project funding on an out-of-competition basis. The Supervisory Board of Youth Foundation determines the amount and subject of such funds at the beginning of the year and may decide to make some changes to the use of these funds during the year if need be.

Strengthening the material and technical capacity of Youth organizations and Youth houses

One of the objectives of the Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan is to contribute to the strengthening of the infrastructure for the implementation of youth policy, including modernization of the material and technical capacity of youth organizations and youth houses. Accordingly, the Youth Foundation may finance applications of officially accredited youth organizations and youth houses meeting relevant criteria in two categories - "Structural Grant" and "One-time Technical Assistance".
Youth organizations and youth houses may apply for “Structural Grant” to cover administrative and maintenance expenses. The duration of funding for this category is 12 months.

In “One-time technical assistance”, youth organizations and youth houses are provided with the necessary products and equipment which are bought and owned by the Youth Foundation.

Financing participation of heads of youth organizations in international events

Leaders of youth organizations may apply to the Youth Foundations for the financial assistance of their participation in international events. If accepted, participation fee, travel and accommodation expenses related to their participation in international events may be covered by the Youth Foundation.