Approved by the Decision of the Supervisory Board’s meeting
of the Youth Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
No 01 (12) dated February 17, 2015

Criteria for assessment of the projects

submitted to the Youth Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The following criteria shall prevail for conducting technical expertise by the Administration of the Youth Foundation and assessment of the projects by the Supervisory Board of the Foundation.

  1. Project and additional documents should meet the technical requirements determined by the Youth Foundation;
  2. Subject of the project should be conform to the priority directions declared by the Youth Foundation;
  3. Title of the project should conform to the subject-matter and contents of the project;
  4. Originality of a project and the state of being different from other project proposals;
  5. Participation of the recipient in the previous contests held by the Youth Foundation and accountability;
  6. Actuality of the issue in the project and its substantiation;
  7. Concreteness of the project’s purpose and its conformity to resolving issue;
  8. Clear explanation of the project’spurposes and being aimed at to achieve its objectives;
  9. Exact determination of those who will benefit from the project (social group, territory, number, age limit etc.) and becoming in connection with the issue;
  10. Precisely choosing the geographical area for the project to be realized;
  11. Possibility of the activities to be performed within the framework of the project and its clear description, regularity, being aimed at resolving issues and attaining its objectives and duties;
  12. Correct preparation of the project execution plan and determining real period for activities;
  13. The effectiveness of the mechanisms for monitoring and assessment of the project;
  14. The real description and concreteness of the expected results and its impact on resolving issue specified in the project;
  15. The indicators of sustainability of the project;
  16. Correct description of the risks which may arise during implementation of the project;
  17. Preparation of the project’s budget in accordance with the relevant legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, requirements of the Youth Foundation and works to be realized;
  18. The youth organization which will realize the project should have considerable experience in the field of project management.